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Eclectic Jam, Americana, Northern Country

Introducing King Saison: A Fusion of Musical Mastery and Charismatic Chemistry.

King Saison is an electrifying trio of multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriters, breathing a refreshing vitality into the New England music scene. Comprising the talents of King and Saison, this dynamic group is joined by a shared passion for crafting unique sounds that transcend genre boundaries. From the harmonious blend of Eclectic Jam, Folk, Northern Country, Jazz, to the fiery energy of Rock, King Saison's versatile repertoire encompasses a diverse spectrum of musical flavors, ensuring that every listener finds a resonating tune.

What sets King Saison apart is their enchanting live performances, where they orchestrate a mesmerizing symphony of instrument-switching, leaving audiences on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting the next astonishing twist. This instrumental ballet of musical prowess has garnered them a reputation as a must-see act, with fans raving, "What are they going to do next?" Their vibrant stage presence and captivating chemistry bring their songs to life in an unforgettable way, establishing a profound connection with audiences spanning generations and musical preferences.

The band's 2nd single, "The Raven & The Ivy," received accolades as a FINALIST in the esteemed 2021 GREAT AMERICAN SONG CONTEST, a testament to their exceptional songwriting prowess. With a commitment to crafting melodies that weave tales of love, hope, and redemption, King Saison's newest original releases – "Setback," "Archer," and "The Raven & The Ivy" – have secured regular rotation on renowned radio stations like Lazer 99.3 FM, Boston 102.9 FM, and 92.5 FM.

King Saison has etched their name into the tapestry of the music world by sharing the spotlight with esteemed members of nationally touring acts. Their musical prowess has brought them alongside luminaries such as Max Creek, James Montgomery, and Creamery Station to name a few. -- But their ascent doesn't stop there. King Saison's rise has seen them taking center stage at major music festivals, where their captivating melodies have resonated alongside a constellation of musical giants. In an enchanting dance of harmonies and rhythms, they've shared the same bill as revered bands like Neal Francis, The Infamous Stringdusters, Bella's Bartok, Dogs in a Pile, Consider The Source, Slambovian Circus of Dreams, and more.



King and Saison's journey began with both artists graduating college with music degrees and nurturing their songwriting talents from an early age. Proficient across a spectrum of instruments, from saxophone to steel drum, their early endeavors in the Western Massachusetts Music Scene saw them primarily as bass players, contributing to various projects. The stars aligned in 2021 when Saison made a captivating appearance on King's popular weekly music podcast, "Jeff King Live." Instantly kindred spirits, they embarked on a journey to master each other's songs across instruments, swiftly evolving from musical companions to an inseparable creative unit.

Since their official inception in June 2021, King Saison has been unstoppable. Releasing an impressive 6 singles, two albums, and gracing stages all across New England's expanse, their music has resonated across 7 states, including Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, Rhode Island, and New Jersey. Their tireless dedication to their craft and their profound impact on the regional music scene underscore King Saison's ascent as a musical force to be reckoned with.

Intriguing, innovative, and impossible to resist, King Saison continues to reign over audiences, their melodies threading through hearts and transcending boundaries, fostering a harmonious connection that knows no limits.

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KING SAISON - Setback (official music video)

KING SAISON - Greasy Wheels (official music video)

King Saison - LIVE - (Set 1) Theodore's Bar & Grill, Springfield, MA - 2/3/2023

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Jeff King and Noelle Saison, two individually talented musician/singer/songwriters from Springfield, MA, combine their talents and experience to produce original music and videos on a regular basis; as well as perform live across New England. Writing and performing catchy songs with riveting lyrics, King Saison's music is compelling and eclectic with hints of country, bluegrass, and alternative roots.

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