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Great American Song Contest 2021 FINALIST

The Raven & The Ivy by King Saison

King Saison's 2nd single release, "The Raven & The Ivy" was nominated as a finalist for The Great American Song Contest 2021's "Folk/Americana" category.  Since it's release, the song has been featured on radio stations 99.3 FM Springfield, MA,  102.9 FM Boston Community Radio, and 92.5 FM "The River," Boston's Independent Radio Station.

The song is available on all streaming platforms, and is available for download on our website:

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Latest Press Releases by King Saison



13 August, 2021

   " After wrapping my truck around a telephone pole in a nearly fatal drunk driving accident, I was sentenced to two weeks at a DUI facility in Tewksbury, MA.  During that break in my life, I wrote several songs and poems in what I now call my “DUI camp” notebook.
  Since that time my life has changed a lot, and now these ideas have turned into ambitious full songs that we are recording at Signature Sounds recording studio.  

   This song titled, SETBACK, is all about redemption and perseverance; and it’s about getting back up after getting hit hard.  The term “Setback” is also a reference to the card game, Pitch, which I learned very well during my two weeks in Tewksbury.  
   Noelle Saison’s bass playing on this track has taken the song to another level and really drives the tune.  Those are her talented fingers on the six string bass starting the song, and she takes a great solo before the last verse.
   ~Jeff King



24 September, 2021

“I just want to be someplace where I don’t feel alone,” I said to myself on my 26th birthday after moving my entire life’s belongings 3x in 2 weeks.  A famous quote of Robin Williams always stuck with me, that it’s better to be alone than to be surrounded by people who make you feel alone.

Two weeks later, my sister gave me a tarot card reading on New Year's Eve 2020, which was both symbolic and prophetic in explaining what my life used to be, and what my life would become. 

The Raven symbolizes change and transformation, while the Ivy symbolizes perseverance and resilience. The song in its entirety symbolizes my journey from a dismal and disappointing life, towards a new one full of love, inspiration and hope.  

Jeff King wrote and performs the lead bass line you hear throughout the song, which is symbolic in itself since he was the first musician I performed with after leaving my old life behind along with a 2-month musical hiatus.  The Mandolin is also featured in the song, which is an instrument I picked up and taught myself during the first COVID-19 Pandemic lockdown early 2020.

Archer art.jpg


26 NOVEMBER, 2021

The musical duo, King Saison, released their 3rd single, a song titled, ARCHER on Friday, November 26th, 2021.  This time, it’s a finger-style acoustic tune with lyrics about family, love, and loyalty that will hit home for many this holiday season.

   The music video for Archer was released just in time for Deer lover season.  We recently recorded hours of great wildlife and nature footage at Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary in Easthampton, MA, and used it to tell a story that goes with the song.  The video features wild deer in the sanctuary woods, Jeff with a bow, and Noelle in a cute deer suit.  You can find this on our YouTube channel, King Saison. 

   Thanks for taking the time to check out our music and taking an interest in what we’re up to.  We’ll always keep you posted as we continue on our journey, and you can feel free to contact us anytime.

   ~Jeff & Noelle

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